After Naomi and Sasha Banks' upheaval, the situation's gotten dire for WWE?

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After Naomi and Sasha Banks' upheaval, the situation's gotten dire for WWE?

The WWE continues to remind us from episode to episode how much Sasha Banks and Naomi have disappointed us by going during a Monday Night Raw show, but the situation around them and the tag team belts remain firm, almost giving reason to reason behind their rebellion.

In fact, we have been promised a tournament for some time now to decree the new champions after the Stamford-based company decided to suspend the Boss N' Glow indefinitely by depriving them of the tag team belts. According to the latest updates, carried out by both Fightful and the Wrestling Observer, the WWE's said to be on the high seas and has therefore stopped, with the tournament, not finding tag teams to participate.

Naomi and Sasha Banks' Upheaval: What's next for WWE?

Speaking on his Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that the Women's Tag Team Tournament is dead, drowned: “That Women's Pairs Tournament is dead.

They had an idea for a match of four women's teams, it was proposed but it hasn't been put down in black and white in a week. Now I have no idea what's going on, not even a word." But was the backstage against the renunciation of titles? Fightful's Sean Sapp reported that even though WWE took Naomi and Sasha Banks off their belts, some didn't want it to be that way.

The decision was finally made, but that doesn't mean that tournament is the priority for now. WWE canceled all travel plans for Banks and Naomi just around the time their suspensions were announced. WWE Women's Tag Team Titles were vacated, though Sapp reported that: "Many in WWE didn't want to vacate WWE Women's Tag Team Titles, but it became clear pretty quickly that that was the way to go."

Furthermore, it was also said that for now, the two sides have not communicated much since everything happened and it seems that the contracts of the two have been frozen, so they haven't even received their salaries.