Becky Lynch mentions Chris Jericho in WWE and then tags him on social media

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Becky Lynch mentions Chris Jericho in WWE and then tags him on social media

Becky Lynch sat at the comment table during the single match between Bianca Belair and Asuka in the latest episode of WWE Raw. Obviously, as has been the case for some time now, the Irishman let himself go by making several jokes.

One such line involved calling herself a magician with superhuman powers, a clear reference to Chris Jericho who recently called himself "The Wizard" in AEW. Immediately after Becky's funny comments, obviously, all the fans went on Twitter to talk about it, as often happens in these situations and Big Time Becks herself threw herself into the fray, continuing to respond to WWE.

One such reply was to WWE's tweet that said, "I have superhuman powers. I'm a wizard!" - @BeckyLynchWWE #WWERaw" In the end, Becky shared a tweet that removed any doubt about her reference to Chris Jericho: "'I’m a magician.

I made her title disappear in 26 seconds,' Becky Lynch, tonight. I preferred that line. No heat @IAmJericho." At the time of writing, Chris Jericho hasn't responded to the WWE wrestler, but he's definitely not going to blame The Man at all.

Becky Lynch and Chris Jericho's past interactions

However, it is not the first time that the two have interacted on Twitter, in fact in 2018 they were involved in a heated discussion on the social network. It all started when Jericho praised WWE for doing a great job with the Women's Revolution.

Obviously, Becky Lynch, who was a key part of this, took credit for this success and the man replied with: “Sure sure! With the help of @NiaJaxWWE who broke your face, for sure," and the redhead replied again: "No, it was my doing."

In short, when there are important cards to play on social media, Becky Lynch is one of the best, as also said by Eric Bischoff.