John Cena 'furious' at The Rock's decision

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John Cena 'furious' at The Rock's decision

John Cena and The Rock are two big WWE names. Their destinies are similar since they both went the way of Hollywood. However, Cena had something interesting to say about The Rock and his decision to dedicate himself to acting: “The truth is that Dwayne Johnson is a great actor and I think always wanted to be an actor, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s like an athlete saying, ‘Hey, I don’t do drugs,’ and then getting busted for drugs. Here’s a guy who said he was WWE through and through, and then the first chance to take a road to a different career path, he took it”.

“Though he is one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet, but I feel Johnson cheapened the credibility of future WWE stars, such as himself. It just cheapens that phrase, ‘Oh, I love this business.’ So then next time I come up and say I love this business, well, the guy before me who said that left.

That doesn’t look good for me or our business,”- John Cena said, as quoted by FirstSportz.

John Cena's different story about The Rock

However, after that, he had a slightly different statement, and in a conversation with GQ he said for The Rock: “As far as Dwayne Johnson’s trajectory is concerned, he’s broke down so many stereotypes, shattered so many barriers.

He allowed the outside public to be like, ‘Yeah, these WWE guys, they may be on to something.’ None of those opportunities happens without him”. John Cena also talked about the advice The Rock gave him that he said helped him at one point.

"The audition process is scary for me like it is for most people. It is a business of failure. You’ve gotta be used to getting told you’re not the right fit, and I really wanted this one. And, deadpan, Dwayne was just like, ‘Just be yourself, man. They called you in for a reason. Just be who you are.’ And I was”.