WWE's changed plans for Roman Reigns to see him at Hell in a Cell?

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WWE's changed plans for Roman Reigns to see him at Hell in a Cell?
WWE's changed plans for Roman Reigns to see him at Hell in a Cell?

In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed whether a Usos match could be added for WWE's Chicago event, Hell In A Cell, and what could be next for Roman Reigns. “In WWE, of course, SmackDown is on Friday, it's the go-home for this incredible pay-per-view show.

Starting mid-week, early in the week, or whatever... early in the week. The Usos meeting with Nakamura and Riddle was not scheduled for pay-per-view on Sunday. Now, it could be a pay-per-view on Sunday. But the plan was for them to do the match, they are going to do the match.

The plan was to do it in Las Vegas, which, as you may recall, the plan for Las Vegas was Roman Reigns vs. Riddle. Now, Roman Reigns isn't necessarily out of that show, but Roman Reigns and Riddle are probably out of the show, but they can always change their minds.

They can change everything... I was sure that match was going to be on the Chicago show, because it's like, the Chicago show, they have a sold-out audience. You know, of course, Cody (Rhodes) and Seth (Rollins) a Hell in a Cell is the main event and you have the three-way for the Raw women's title.

Well, they'll probably do something and add matches. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me that the Usos match isn't on this show. It doesn't make sense, but we'll see. "

So where will Roman Reigns feature next?

According to the latest reports by Ringside News, however, the WWE's said to have already had a clear idea of ​​the definitive card of the event, with the journalists of the well-known American site who in fact stated that "everything has been decided, but everything can always change". We'll soon know where we'll see Roman Reigns next.

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