Chris Jericho furious at the MJF's statement that he is underpaid in the AEW

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Chris Jericho furious at the MJF's statement that he is underpaid in the AEW

The MJF surprised many by rebelling because he was underpaid within the AEW. This provoked many reactions and many were amazed, given that the MJF is one of the greatest talents. “I am a generational talent and you people consistently take me for granted, but it’s not just you… It’s the big man in the back too,” MJF said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Here’s something you guys can’t take for granted. Here’s something he doesn’t want you to know. Do you guys know, who the second biggest minute-for-minute draw is in this entire company? Nope! You wish… IT’S ME!

It’s me! And if you don’t believe me, do me a favor – ask Stat Boy Tony in the back and see, what he’s got to say…But whatever you do, don’t ask him to reach into his pockets and pay the man who’s been busting his ass for him since day one!

No, no, no, no, no, no! Make sure he hoards all that money… Make sure he hoards all that money, so he can give it to all the new ex-WWE guys he keeps bringing in”.

Chris Jericho's reaction

There are many more who will have something to say, and the MJF has made a mess within the organization.

Chris Jericho was annoyed after hearing the MJF statement and immediately sent a message via Twitter. Jericho believes that the MJF should ask himself if he is good enough, considering how much money he gets. We’ll see if the MJF has a reaction to this, but all of this has created an interesting story.

"For the record @AEW is the best sports entertainment company I’ve ever worked for & @TonyKhan is the best boss I’ve done business with. If certain talents feel they’re under-compensated, maybe ur not as good as u think u are. Go elsewhere PLEASE. You’ll be begging to come back!"