Teddy Long recalls a particular anecdote

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Teddy Long recalls a particular anecdote

Over the years, the most disparate characters have passed through WWE, from athletes to managers to company officials, to road agents, referees and General Managers. All these figures, in one way or another, are part of the huge organization chart that the Stamford-based federation has on-screen, with numerous other professionals who instead act in the shadows and are never put in front of the cameras, like different executives, the writers, bookers and several other very important cogs of the wheel called WWE.

Among the various characters who have held different roles, we also find Teddy Long, former manager, referee and General Manager of the WWE, who became very famous when he was at the helm of Friday Night Smackdown as GM, with one of his "fixations" as the show's boss, which was to create tag team matches out of thin air or to punish unruly wrestlers with a match against The Undertaker, with such skits that have gone over the years to be real memes.

At the end of his career, Teddy Long also proudly became a WWE Hall of Famer, with the former GM also occasionally serving the same role in special episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Teddy Long is a WWE Hall of Famer

Former WWE general manager Teddy Long would be open to returning to WWE for another run in the company.

In his latest interview with Wrestling Inc, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to tell a particular anecdote related to the famous Wrestler's Court, which is a sort of court inside the WWE led by The Undertaker, with which the locker room was going to punish the federation's undisciplined athletes, who didn't behave as they should with fellow veterans.

Regarding this situation, Teddy wanted to tell the facts: "They took me to Wrestler's Court for the sale of viagra, so I had to choose my lawyer. So my lawyer was Mae Young. I told Mae Young the whole story. We went to the wrestler's court and the first thing she said was that we all had relationships.

She said 'Well I want you guys to know that Teddy Long is not guilty of selling that Viagra.' She couldn't even say it correctly, so she called him Niagra! That was a wonderful day, but in the end, they found me guilty, so I had to buy them buckets of chicken and beers for at least two weeks, both Bradshaw and Taker and some other guy."

During his return on the retro episode of SmackDown, Teddy Long solved a dispute between Cesaro and Seth Rollins by setting up a match between them. Cesaro won the match by defeating Rollins once again, this time, thanks to a miscommunication between Rollins and The Usos.