Backstage news on Lacey Evans' future

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Backstage news on Lacey Evans' future

Over the past month, after a long hiatus to become a mom for the second time, we've seen some footage of Lacey Evans returning to WWE with a new character. But not only that she also showed up on the stage or in the ring to continue talking to the WWE Universe.

In fact, the former marine told us about her past, about how difficult her childhood and adolescence were, marked by a father who suffered from various psychological problems and a mother who practically raised her alone.

All of this initially happened from babyface to Friday Night SmackDown, but in early May, PWInsider wrote one thing that actually came true: "WWE officially moved Lacey Evans to the RAW roster, confirmed.

the videos that were used to build his comeback, Evans is going to be a heel moving forward."

Latest update on Lacey Evans

Now, after announcing Lacey Evans' return match for the last episode of Raw, which never happened because, as the wrestler herself explained, she was recovering after attending the Grand Marshall NASCAR event last Sunday, always PWInsider lets us know that WWE has moved it back to SmackDown.

“Lacey Evans has been reassigned to the SmackDown roster in the past 48 hours, confirmed. Evans was supposed to make her return to the Raw ring last Monday, but she didn't appear. She originally returned as part of the SmackDown roster with a series of cartoons promoting her return, but she was moved to Raw last month.

Now, after a few appearances on Raw, she's back on SmackDown." Right now it seems that WWE is also a little confused as to what they actually want to do with this recently returned Superstar who has become a tennis ball swinging back and forth between two racquets which are Raw and SmackDown.

This is very much a shoot on the part of Lacey Evans, as she did experience some horrifying things as a child. Abusive and distant parents along with a lack of encouragement at home could have led her down the wrong path. Instead, she took all those lemons and turned them into an ocean of lemonade.

The quick answer is 'yes', as the audience seems to have responded positively to her honesty. The candidness that Evans has displayed resonates with many others who have dealt with similar experiences. They can feel her pain and admire her perseverance. This is who Lacey Evans is: Wife, mother, fighter. Survivor.