Latest news on Bianca Belair's status

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Latest news on Bianca Belair's status

Current WWE Raw Champion Bianca Belair will have to contend with two wrestlers who are excellent workers overall and are also two of the most respected wrestlers in the business. In fact, she will have to defend her RAW Women's Champion from Becky Lynch and Asuka's assault during the Hell In A Cell premium live event this weekend in Chicago, with EST appearing to have a never-before-seen strategy, as she told Corey Graves.

in his After The Bell interview, alluding to the fact that he could use not one, but two braids as there are two opponents at the same time. "This is the debut. I had to do something new for you guys, so I finished the two braids.

This is the debut of the two braids. Now you are starting something [asking if we will see two braids at Hell In A Cell]. I don't know. First, we have to give it a name, because that one braid was called Destiny."

New details on Bianca Belair

Obviously, Bianca Belair is always ready to find new ways to stay on top of the company and do a good job not only as a champion but in general as part of the company.

She has often stated that she is grateful for the work carried out by the Four Horsewomen, that is Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, but that now it is time for the new generation to find their own space in WWE, in fact now the four mentioned are slowly becoming the "old" generation.

Also in the Corey Graves podcast, she said: “There are the Four Horsewomen who have done these incredible things and broke so many barriers and knocked down walls. Ok, you don't have to go anywhere, but you have to move, make some space for me because I've arrived."

Also, EST is only missing one of them to pin: “That's why one of my main goals is to eventually pin all four. I got three of the four [pins]. Charlotte is the last one I'll eventually have to chase. I'm just taking it as it comes.

I arrived and I won't apologize for it." She detailed how Olympian Simone Biles inspired her by prioritizing her mental health and pausing her run at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. Bianca Belair stressed that athletes are human as well, and sometimes it is okay to prioritize the human aspect over the competition.

"Simone Biles is so inspiring in what she did, especially on such a big stage. She allowed herself to be vulnerable and put her mental health before her physical abilities and that speaks volumes, as well as the team and the coaches that she had, the fact that they were able to support her and went out there to support her and they still won the medal."