Did Hulk Hogan decide the outcome of all his matches?

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Did Hulk Hogan decide the outcome of all his matches?

Hulk Hogan spent many years working at the top of the professional wrestling business and rejuvenated his career when he turned his back and formed nWo with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in WCW. Before him, however, he had already won practically everything in WWF, and it is known how his great influence helped him to claim and obtain a really large number of victories and titles.

Over the years there have been rumors about how much creative control some nWo members have, and during a recent appearance on the 'WrestleSlam' podcast Eric Bischoff made it clear that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did not have total creative control over their characters in WCW, least of all on the victories they would have achieved.

"Hall and Nash did not have creative control," explained the historic executive, later also General Manager on Raw. To clarify, they had a wording in their agreement that gave them the right to meaningful advice.

It meant they had the guarantee of having a conversation with me and it would have been a meaningful conversation. But having a meaningful conversation and having creative control over your character are two different things.

That's why I tell you that they didn't have creative control."

Hulk Hogan made history

Bischoff went on to say that Hulk Hogan, speaking of creative control in the narrower sense, had a clause that allowed him much more freedom.

But he exercised his right to use it only on one occasion. "Hulk Hogan had creative control and only used it once," Bischoff revealed. So, the problem of creative control wasn't a problem, even though people like to talk about it and it's part of the narrative.

So I know there is a lot of chatter, and many people have reported that there was creative control in WCW. Problem is, none of these people knows what the f**k they're talking about if I'm being completely honest. The truth is that Hogan has never created a problem with the terms of his contract."

Speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show, Jarrett discussed his disappointment with the 79-second match. “Russo wanted me to go over [win],” Jarrett said. “Hulk, to his defense, I think this is where the rubber meets the road, I don’t think he necessarily had a problem putting me over.

He wanted to know, ‘If I’m putting Jeff over, where am I going from here?’ Like any talent would. I don’t think Russo had the exact plan, so he [Hogan] refused to put me over”.