Why doesn't MVP fight?

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Why doesn't MVP fight?

When he made his return to WWE in 2020, few thought that MVP managed to conquer an important role at the top of the main roster and in this case of Monday Night. What appeared to be a unique and rare event at Royal Rumble became a constant, a full-time comeback and the wrestler became manager first of stable Hurt Business and subsequently of WWE Bobby Lashley.

Just Bobby Lashley received a great success thanks to the arrival of his manager and many of the WWE Universe fans, especially on social networks, wonder why we hardly ever see the manager fighting in the ring.

MVP changed his character

Many wonder why MVP no longer fight in WWE, but this is not the reality.

As Sportkeeda Wrestling MVP points out he has recently worked on non-TV shows and in particular since Vince McMahon's company resumed the tour, he has teamed up with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for some Live events and a Dark Match on Raw, bringing at home two victories and as many defeats.

His last appearance in the ring on a TV show occurred on July 5, 2021, when paired with Lashley, the two were defeated on Monday Night Raw against the New Day. The reason he doesn't appear in the ring is that WWE gave him now a managerial role and the company strongly believes in the wrestler in this new role.

On the other hand, the rebirth of Bobby Lashley and his new role as champion is due a lot to MVP who helped him to realize his true potential in the company. From the Hurt Businesses until now Lashley has increased his value as a wrestler and he owes a lot to MVP for his rebirth as well.

In addition to this, it must be said that with the passing of age MVP no longer has the physique of the past and has been struggling with various physical problems. Just recently he posted a challenge tweet on social media where he stated: "If it weren't for my sick knee I really think I could beat everyone within WWE.

Obviously everyone except the All Mighty Bobby Lashley." Porter said he's working hard on his cardio and has hired a trainer ahead of his WWE return to make sure he's prepared for his return to the ring. "We’re working on building that back up and cardio," MVP continued.

"My cardio is much better than I thought it would be because I’d actually hired a trainer, and I’ve been working on it,” he added. “So I’m further along than I thought I would be. Fortunately, I wasn’t on my back gasping for air, but I feel pretty damn good."