Randy Orton on the relationship with Vince McMahon: We had a weird relationship

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Randy Orton on the relationship with Vince McMahon: We had a weird relationship

Randy Orton is a man who has been in the WWE for 20 years and who has created great successes during his career. However, his beginnings were not so simple and his relationship with Vince McMahon changed over the years. Orton admits he was ‘problematic’ at first.

"Yeah, it’s totally changed over the years. We had a weird – not weird, but a different kind of relationship. Early on, I was getting in trouble a lot and there were a lot of times I had to go to the principal’s office.

‘I used to dread it. For some reason, I’d always leave that office and I’d go back to the locker room and I’d be on the show that night. He had no reason to keep me around with some of the s**t that I was pulling.

Some of it was just dumb, immature kid s**t," - he said, as quoted by TheSportsRush.

Randy Orton before vs now

However, Orton admits that he is now a completely different person and that he reacts much more calmly to problems.

Vince McMahon has trusted him many times because he has clearly seen great potential in Orton. Their relationship is good now, and they have mutual respect for each other. "Now that 20 years has gone by and I’ve slowly got to know him, I think there’s more of man-to-man respect there of a husband and a father, and he’s seen that I’ve matured as well.

He’s seen me in dark periods where I’ve had meltdowns and breakdowns in front of him. I’ve beat my head against the wall in front of him, as a 25-year-old man just emotional f***ing – “Arrrr!” – not knowing how to express myself." Randy Orton is the best example that when you trust someone, it can pay off over time.