*Spoiler* Shinsuke Nakamura suffered an injury

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*Spoiler* Shinsuke Nakamura suffered an injury

Roman Reigns has now been the undisputed symbol of WWE for a couple of years, having finally managed to fully express his talent thanks to the new collaboration with Paul Heyman. Predictably, the Tribal Chief defeated Brock Lesnar in the 38th edition of WrestleMania, reaffirming that he was the best and winning the entire stakes, with the champion now holding two world titles.

After the end of the rivalry with the Beast, it seemed that the former member of the Shield was starting a heated rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura. According to the latest rumors, WWE management has decided to discard this hypothesis.

Reigns has nine WrestleMania entries, with a record of seven wins against two losses. Along with Brock Lesnar, he was the only wrestler capable of beating The Undertaker in the most important event on the WWE calendar, with the Deadman streak being spotted only twice at the McMahon's most important company event.

Latest update on Shinsuke Nakamura

When WWE signed Shinsuke Nakamura in early 2016, it was considered a major coup for the company. The Japanese star was a three-time IWGP Champion and was considered one of the staples of New Japan Pro Wrestling at the time.

Apparently, not only would Nakamura not be Roman Reigns' next opponent on WWE televisions, but the former Intercontinental champion would also be benched due to a possible injury that he may have encountered during the last episode of the blue show of the company.

In the Smackdown main event that aired just a few hours ago, Nakamura was thrown against the steel steps at the entrance to the company's ring, with the Japanese who never returned to the ring after that angle, to lend a hand to his mate, Matt Riddle.

At the moment, we do not know in what condition the Japanese of the blue show is, although at the moment we can think that this angle is only a WWE gimmick to oust the athlete from the scene, to better sell the "power" of the Bloodline, too.

in the absence of the Tribal Chief. We will see in the coming weeks if Nakamura will return to the scene with the federation or if the Japanese former WWE Intercontinental champion was actually injured during the episode and will therefore have to stay away from the scene.

After making history by winning the Royal Rumble, Nakamura would challenge his friend for a competitive match at 'Mania. After his defeat, however, he gave AJ a low blow to his phenomenal jewels and then delivered a Kinshasa kick for good measure.