*Spoiler* Madcap Moss returned dramatically with a new look

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*Spoiler* Madcap Moss returned dramatically with a new look

Just a few days away from Hell In A Cell, Madcap Moss returned this week and a match to decree Ronda Rousey's next challenger. In the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, everything is ready, at the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin.

- The episode opens with the entry of New Day! Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods welcome us to SmackDown, then remember their victory alongside Drew McIntyre against the Brawling Brutes and start making fun of the three opponents.

ARRIVES DREW MCINTYRE! The Scotsman dedicates the victory to Big E, starting a chorus in favor of the third member of New Day, then promises that he will win the title at Clash At The Castle. Drew adds that he could be called Big D and, by chance, Woods and Kingston already have a present ready for him (given that Scot's birthday will be in a few days), or a new attire with the newly invented name on it.

Madcap Moss returned dramatically with a new look

Madcap Moss returned dramatically with a new look and teased a character change. The goofiness of Madcap is long gone, and we won't be hearing lame jokes from him anymore.

How is it possible? THE BRAWLING BRUTES INTERVENE! Sheamus begins to say that they will soon take revenge for what happened last week, but Butch does not want to chat and immediately lashes out at the three opponents, being sent back immediately outside.

Calm down. The New Day had a gift for Drew and it turned out to be a colorful kilt with the words Big D written on it. Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch came out and said that if they had one more match, New Day and McIntyre would surely lose.

Moss almost landed 90 degrees on his neck, and all weight with the momentum made it an uncomfortable sight for the fans. However, Madcap Moss continued with the match and completed the rest of the spots, earning the respect of the crowd.

After seeing the unfortunate bump during the match, the fans quickly took to their Twitter handles and showed their concern about the WWE SmackDown superstar. Eventually, some fans online praised how Madcap Moss still managed to complete the match.

Interestingly, just moments after the bump, Moss was up on his feet and was running towards McIntyre, as if nothing happened. Last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown witnessed the first night of the WWE Drafts 2021 from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. Throughout the night we saw many surprised superstars jumping ships between SmackDown and Monday Night Raw.