*Spoiler* Ricochet doesn't electrify the WWE Universe


*Spoiler* Ricochet doesn't electrify the WWE Universe
*Spoiler* Ricochet doesn't electrify the WWE Universe

MAIN EVENT UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The Usos vs Riddle & Shinsuke Nakamura. Good performance of all 4, until Nakamura tries a Kinshasa on Jey near the entrance stairs, but the Samoan moves to the last and Shinsuke ends up throwing a knee against the steel.

At this point, the samples hit him badly in the same leg and the Japanese screamed in pain, being taken out by the doctors. Riddle is practically forced into a handicap match and resists a lot. In fact, in the final the Bro is getting the better of both opponents and reaches Jimmy on the stake, but ...

ROMAN REIGNS THEME RESONATES! Ricochet hasn't had the strongest reign as the Intercontinental Champion, but he will have a defining title defense next week against record-breaking superstar Gunther. Friday Night SmackDown is approaching soon but more than the blue brand itself, Twitter has gone viral over a video of the superhuman Ricochet.

Ricochet no longer shines

His insane stunt has taken social media by storm. The two superstars cut a promo, with Gunther finally uttering a few words. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but from the way things have been handled, the top heel Gunther is likely to win his first championship next week.

RIDDLE STRIPS ANYWAY WITH THE SUPER-RKO JIMMY! Jey, however, had taken the change and takes advantage of it immediately ... I USE SPLASH! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! The Usos keep their belts, but after struggling in a two against one and with the final assistance of their cousin.

In the last few minutes, we discover that the Reigns theme was actually started by Sami Zayn, who shows up on stage to celebrate. Together with us, however, Riddle also discovers it, who thinks well of attacking the Canadian.

For the first time, however, Jey intervenes to help Zayn and it all ends with the usual referees who calm the brawl. That's all for today. Ricochet's speciality lies in the fact that he jumps from one place to the other and flips everywhere.

When he gets in the zone, Ricochet is unstoppable. He can do anything and be anywhere. He has gained a lot of crowd backing ever since his recurring appearances against the Hurt Business. The storyline against Cedric Alexander and the rest of the faction has seen him consistently compete on Monday Night Raw.

Ricochet Intercontinental Champion