How will WWE shows be organized in the coming weeks?

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How will WWE shows be organized in the coming weeks?
How will WWE shows be organized in the coming weeks?

At the beginning of April, WWE had officially announced through all its channels that after 30 years it will return with a big stadium event in the United Kingdom right at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, to then say that it will be called Clash At The Castle.

But even if the UK will be able to enjoy this beautiful event, which looks like it might be something of a legend, a recent report pointed out that fans in the UK will not be able to enjoy Raw or SmackDown. In fact, speaking on Monday Night Live on the ITR Clips channel, talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy reported that the company has no plans to air Raw or SmackDown from the UK in the week of the event.

How will WWE be organized?

The only thing I wanted to let you guys know is that, as far as I know, WWE Raw and SmackDown are not going to be in the UK for that show. I know that SmackdDwn will be recorded the week before, and then I think they will go back and do Raw live on Mondays." McCarthy went on to say that there will be other shows to complement the premium live event, although the nature of these shows is unclear at this point.

"But from what I understand that there will be shows on Friday, obviously Saturday is the stadium show, and there will be something on Sunday. I don't know exactly what they are, but the hypothesis tells me that it will be something related to NXT/NXT UK, so keep your eyes peeled for this.

When I know more I'll let you know, but sadly this time you won't get the chance to watch Raw or SmackDown." Meanwhile, on the WWE stables' front, Finn Balor looks to have taken over the leadership of The Judgment Day now.

This decision caught many by surprise as the faction started only a few months ago, and had so much more potential under the guidance of a legend like Edge. It is yet to be seen whether The Rated-R Superstar will return to television immediately next week, or take some time off before returning to a massive ovation.

He will definitely have revenge on his mind when he does come back. Could we see him form a babyface faction? Rollins joined him in the ring and said he might not like Rhodes, but The American Nightmare earned his respect after recent events. The two men shook hands after Rollins mentioned that Dusty would be extremely proud of him.

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