Kairi Sane recalls her farewell to WWE

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Kairi Sane recalls her farewell to WWE

In July 2020 Kairi Sane, now only KAIRI, said goodbye to WWE in the US and returned to Japan after getting married, opening her own gym open 24/7 and later making her return to Stardom, where she now appears occasionally, after also sitting at the comment table for WWE in Japan, before her contract expires.

Speaking with Entame Next, Kairi Sane decided to open up more about what happened, also telling us a very personal story, and we also thank Reddit user DamieN62 for the translation from Japanese to English.

Kairi Sane was called up to the main roster in 2019

"When I left Japan in 2017, I promised my fans that I would go on a long journey, but that I would return grown up.

I told [Stardom] president Rossy Ogawa (now executive producer). First, my goal was to learn the first class of professional wrestling, and I don't really intend to live permanently in the United States. I thought about retiring from wrestling.

This is a personal story, but I lost my best friend to illness. I took a vow on her grave and promised to make it happen: I was about to participate in WrestleMania. I wanted it to happen for sure. Thanks to that, I was able to compete in three WrestleMania, I had a title match with Asuka as Kabuki Warriors, and I became a champion at both NXT and WWE [on the main roster].

After I moved to the United States, my personal life was secondary to my professional life, and I flew around and wrestled four times a week non-stop, but then the pandemic came, and suddenly I had time for myself. Then I took the time to do some introspection.

I thought, 'Where will I go from here?' I had a sense of accomplishment that I had fulfilled my promise to my best friend and that I had done everything possible in my three years with WWE, and after several consultations with WWE, I decided to leave."

The reason behind Kairi Sane's sudden departure from WWE was her ambition to have a happy married life with her husband. The couple got married in February 2020. The rumors of Sane's exit from the company first came out in the summer of 2020.

It didn't take long for those reports to come true. At that time, The Kabuki Warriors were feuding with the 'Golden Role Models', Bayley and Sasha Banks. Initially, WWE planned a 'retirement angle' for Kairi Sane. However, the idea later got shelved by the RAW creative team.