WWE has changed several plans due to Cody Rhodes' injury

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WWE has changed several plans due to Cody Rhodes' injury

Despite having arrived in WWE a few months ago, Cody Rhodes continues to make a lot of talk about himself, this time however for a very bad injury that hit him during his last training and practically forced him to show up in the ring in Hell in a Cell, with a huge hematoma in the chest, with an internal blood spill that created a gigantic bruise on the upper part of the athlete's body.

Despite the incredible injury, WWE agreed to allow the athlete to go into the ring, partly due to the push of Cody himself, who agreed to get on the Hell in a Cell square despite the injury. At the moment, the athlete will have to undergo a surgical operation to fix this problem, with his absence which will be prolonged and will lead the wrestler to skip WWE scenes for months.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

Obviously, Cody Rhodes' injury has messed up all the plans of the WWE, which had prepared a lot of new projects for him and the storylines that we would have seen on Monday Night Raw and instead the whole thing is been trashed.

According to reports from reporters on the Ringside News site, who interviewed several people within the WWE, the company would have made "numerous changes" to the red show-card, once they learned of Cody's injury.

Apparently, again according to what was reported by these sources, there also seems to be a need for some changes in the roster of the WWE flagship show, with some important babyface that could come from Smackdown or that could instead make a big leap in quality, entering the Raw main event finally, from being a mid-card.

The only thing that seems to have nothing to do with Cody's injury is Edge's departure from Judgment Day, with this plan that was proposed at a later time, but still has nothing to do with the inconvenience of Rhodes.

If there were an award for the most underutilized WWE Superstar at the moment, Finn Balor would claim the prize. For someone who glides so effortlessly in the ring and has a massive fan following, Balor has not been able to recapture his momentum when he first became the Universal Champion.

Madcap Moss is extremely over. Nobody would have expected him to be nearly as popular back when he cracked dad jokes with Happy Corbin, but here we are. WWE has created a new star from scratch, and while he is on the SmackDown brand, we know that the rosters aren't as set in stone as they used to be.