FOX confirms SmackDown for '22-23 season

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FOX confirms SmackDown for '22-23 season

One of the products offered by WWE that was launched only a few years ago but which has nevertheless changed the history of the pro-wrestling world is called WWE Network which is an online on-demand thematic channel, where WWE Universe fans subscribe monthly to the platform they can see the current and past shows of the company, including the more or less important PPVs that the federation has broadcast since its inception.

This on-demand channel works practically in every part of the world, even if the WWE broadcasts the weekly programs of the federation is always looking for new television agreements with important national companies, such as it has been for years with our SKY or as it still is today.

for the rest of the world, including the USA. For some years now, in fact, WWE has been broadcasting its Monday Night Raw and its Friday Night SmackDown on two very important American channels, which are USA Network and FOX, two really important broadcasters of American cable TV, with these agreements.

who brought hundreds of millions of dollars into WWE's coffers for just a few seasons. In the last few hours, the television station FOX has confirmed all its hourly slots and weekly schedules for the whole of the upcoming season, with SmackDown being one of the flagship programs of that channel and has obviously been included in the list of programs to be assigned to a timetable.

FOX confirms SmackDown

Given the success of the WWE program, FOX has decided to keep Friday Night Smackdown in the same time slot as ever, with the WWE program remaining steady on Friday night, between 8 pm and 10 pm throughout the season.

We recall how the agreement between Smackdown and FOX has reached the billion dollars, obviously divided over several years, with the WWE that has managed to do almost the same with USA Network, which broadcasts both NXT and Monday Night Raw, coming to do the highest turnover in its entire history just last year.

Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch then came out for a match against The New Day and Drew. The Brawling Brutes managed to pick up the win and avenge their loss the week before. Jinder Mahal was out next with his dancing associate Shanky.

The Maharaja won his bout against Humberto and then left the ring, allowing the upstart to break into his dance moves with WWE announcer Samantha Irvin joining the fun.