Cody Rhodes will be absent for a long time

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Cody Rhodes will be absent for a long time
Cody Rhodes will be absent for a long time (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole announced that Cody Rhodes should be out of action for nine months after surgery to repair a torn pectoral tendon. The company also posted the following on its social media channels: "After a ferocious attack by Seth Freakin 'Rollins, Rhodes was successfully operated on Thursday by Dr.

Jeffrey Dugas to reattach his pectoral tendon. Rhodes will face a long recovery and he won't be able to compete for nine months." So Seth Rollins' attack on him was just another excuse to leave him out and have him operate, as the WWE knew it had to happen anyway and they decided to put him on hiatus in a big way, as only wrestling does can do.

New details on Cody Rhodes

Former Intercontinental Champion Matt Cardona praised Cody Rhodes and wants to have a similar run in WWE. In a tweet yesterday, the wife of the American Nightmare, Brandi Rhodes, wanted to write to all the fans reassuring them: "The doctor has just repaired Cody's pectoral tendon which had been completely torn from the bone.

Successful operation. He is on the road to recovery now." In his latest promo on Monday Night Raw, Cody also mentioned little Liberty, a daughter he recently had with Brandi, saying that he wants to be an absolute example for her, an example of strength, through what he does in the ring.

especially after the gesture of fighting anyway even if injured in Hell In A Cell. The sense of family that Cody Rhodes has is one of the things that people respect the most about him, with the man who never stops being moved every time his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, is mentioned.

In fact, he himself always says that he wants to make him proud and there is no doubt that he is doing it and we can only wish him a speedy recovery. Matt Cardona, who is currently injured, was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman.

Cardona praised Cody and answered if he'd like to do something similar to what Rhodes is doing in WWE: “What a night for Cody and what a return it’s been, and he’s proven himself, which he has in the past before, but I think, right now, it’s truly his time...

It’s super cool that he was able to bring his music, and his logos, and his nickname. It’s his package so, hypothetically, if I were to ever go back, yeah, I'd love to do something similar to that”.

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