Who will be Vince McMahon's successor?

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Who will be Vince McMahon's successor?

It hasn't been easy for WWE to manage the effects of the global pandemic. The empty arenas and the subsequent crisis forced the company to take a series of drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy. Over the past couple of years, a ton of behind-the-scenes talent and insiders have been released, some of whom have moved to AEW.

According to insiders, the Stamford federation plans to lay off more athletes in the coming months. Vince McMahon and associates are doing everything possible to organize enjoyable and spectacular shows, as evidenced by the countless twists that have characterized WrestleMania 38 and WrestleMania Backlash.

WWE also managed to get Cody Rhodes back after six years, a very important addition that has already shown what he is capable of doing in the ring. Speaking to Sportskeeda, wrestling expert Bill Apter analyzed the prospects of Vince McMahon in detail.

Bill Apter reflects on Vince McMahon

"In spite of the rumors circulating on the web, I can assure you that Vince McMahon has no intention of leaving WWE anytime soon" - said Apter. "Vince will remain at the helm of the company as long as he is able to breathe.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but that's the concept"- he added. Bill then went into detail: “Who will take over the company after Vince? From my point of view, Nick Khan will be his successor. He has taken on a very important role within the company and it seems that he is preparing to take control in the future.

We must not forget that Shane is far from WWE and Stephanie McMahon herself has decided to take a step back." Apter wanted to compliment Kevin Owens: “His character has a really strong comic side, but at the same time he can also be very irritating.

He drives me crazy when he gets mad and starts destroying everything, I don't know why but I love seeing KO so frustrated." WWE just hosted Hell in a Cell, which gave fans tons of excitement. Chelsea Green was also keenly interested in working with Seth Rollins in the mold of a 90s-styled female manager, as she stated below: "I wanted to come out with him.

I always thought I could be a good valet but also then be able to be in the women's division," revealed Chelsea Green. "I loved the idea of being a really 90s-style valet. So I wanted to come out with him as his follower.

His disciple and just basically be like a yes-man, everything that he wanted when he wanted to stir things up in each division."