John Cena Speaks About His WWE Career

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John Cena Speaks About His WWE Career
John Cena Speaks About His WWE Career

John Cena is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time and he recently spoke about his WWE Career. He was at one time the face of the WWE and he has won numerous titles during his WWE career. Although he is not a full-time WWE Star anymore, he does appear once in a while to wrestle at WWE.

He is currently a famous Hollywood star. WWE will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of John Cena’s debut in June. He recently re-watched some of the moments from his WWE career.

John Cena Talks About What He Could Have Done Differently

Instead of celebrating, Cena spoke about what he could have done differently.

Cena criticized himself multiple times when he was watching himself. One of the moments included The Undertaker showing respect to Cena after he nearly beat Kurt Angle during his debut. Cena revealed he wasn’t happy with his demeanor.

“It’s not a shame ’cause it was a good learning experience, and the story turned out okay,” Cena said, “But especially now, after I see the match and I see the audience with where they lose interest, you have to slow down, you have to tell a story and just doing what I was told in performances like that almost got me fired.

I could see why ’cause you look at the audience, nobody cares. “I guess looking back at it, I’m grateful for the moment, I’m grateful I debuted in such a historic arena with such an amazing performer [in Angle], but I’m also grateful it didn’t go well cause it taught me, especially when ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ character was introduced, I was neither ruthless nor aggressive.

I was quite submissive, and passive, and acted like a fan, and I was. That’s okay, but you can’t do that there. You have to stand out. You have to have a personality that somebody can attach to, and everybody would have done the exact same thing in my interaction with the Undertaker, whether they were a paying customer or backstage.

Everybody would have done the same thing. So what does that make me different than anybody else? That stuff is nice, but it didn’t help at all”. WWE has failed to create a star bigger than John Cena after he left the company.

During his last few months as a full-time wrestler, it also appeared that Cena was being booed by most of the fans because he was used excessively by the WWE.

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