Paige Speaks About WWE Not Wanting to Re-Sign Her

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Paige Speaks About WWE Not Wanting to Re-Sign Her

Paige was at one time the most popular female superstar in the WWE and she recently spoke about WWE not wanting to re-sign her. Paige had an extremely successful WWE career before she was forced to retire due to a horrible neck injury.

She won the Divas Title on her WWE debut. Before that, she was the NXT Women’s Champion. She was popular mainly because she was an excellent wrestler and was also great at cutting promos. On her recent Twitch stream, she spoke about why WWE did not re-sign her.

Paige Talks About Why the WWE Simply Was Not Interested in Re-Signing Her

“I knew it was coming eventually. Getting the, ‘Hey, can I call you? I’m at SmackDown though.’ I’m like, ‘That leaves no room for negotiation.

They’re probably not going to renew it.’ I had a feeling for a while. I’m appreciative of WWE. They helped me so much, more than just wrestling. They got me a therapist when I was having drinking and alcohol issues.

They kept me, even after my neck surgery, just sitting on my ass. I really appreciate that. I feel like I had so much left to give there as someone who can cut a decent promo and do a managerial role. It is what it is,” said Paige.

“I’m not leaving because I want to, they just don’t want to re-sign my contract. I completely understand. There are no hard feelings”. Paige’s last in-ring appearance took place on the 27th of December, 2017.

She suffered an injury during a six-man tag match. Paige then announced that she would retire on the 18th of April, 2018. After she retired, she took on different roles. She was even a manager for the Kabuki Warriors for some time before the group actually broke up with her.

“If you don’t renew the contract then, I don’t think there’s any non-compete clause. That’s not what I was told on the phone. We’re having a normal conversation and it’s like, ‘So, we’re not gonna renew your contract.’ I texted Vince (McMahon), and he texted back.

Everyone was respectful about it. It’s a bummer. They are keeping the door open, both Vince and Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said they’ll keep the door open, but that’s usually what companies say. I do feel if I ever went back, it would make it more special.

If WWE ever asked me to do something, it would be that much more special,” Paige said. “There’s nothing I can do, I wish I could stay longer. WWE doesn’t want to re-sign me. It’s not my decision. I don’t want anyone to think it’s my decision to walk away”.