Bill Apter reflects on John Cena's future

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Bill Apter reflects on John Cena's future

WWE announced a few days ago that historic company legend John Cena will be returning to Monday Night Raw on June 27 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut. There are many rumors about who could be his opponent, maybe even not only at RAW but at the next SummerSlam and the major suspect seems to be the current US Champion Austin Theory.

The young man has always been a protégé of Vince McMahon and the company aims to launch him at the top, many consider John as the springboard to take Theory to the top. Sportkeeda editor and WWE expert Bill Apter doesn't think so and has another possible candidate for the Boston wrestler.

Bill Apter reflects on John Cena

The reporter in the Hall of Fame talked about Gunther, the wrestler who last night won the InterContinental Champion title at SmackDown. Bill Apter said in this regard: "All the fans were taken positively by this run of Ricochet while they despised Gunther.

In place of WWE, I would now have John Cena take on Gunther to take the title of Intercontinental Champion, right after the recent change. So you can bring Cena back to the heart of the WWE Universe." Commenting on tonight's match, Bill Apter then continued: "As soon as I heard about this titled match between Ricochet and Gunther, I understood that he would win the title.

The only way to make Gunther lose was a disqualification but the progress of the match seemed to go towards this result and in the end, it went like this." As for John Cena, it should be clarified that the wrestler should return to RAW and not to Friday Night SmackDown and therefore unless there are sensational twists, it will be difficult to reach the challenge predicted by Bill Apter.

As far as Gunther is concerned, a rematch between the wrestler and Ricochet or perhaps the inclusion of other wrestlers such as Madcap Moss or Shinsuke Nakamura appears more likely soon. The WWE Hall of Famer was reasonably confident about seeing Cena overtake Ric Flair in the future.

Kurt Angle also advised fans to watch out for Randy Orton, who has amassed 14 world title reigns and could add more to his resume. "The answer is simple. Yes! Yes, he will (break Ric Flair's record)," said Kurt Angle.

"I believe John Cena will be the only 17-time world champion. I do believe Randy Orton is going to catch up to him and possibly surpass him. So, you know, I know that records are made to be broken, and I believe John Cena is going to break Ric Flair's record."