Sami Zayn announces an important milestone

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Sami Zayn announces an important milestone

Many of the wrestlers currently in WWE and many others of those who have been there in the past years, have done a lot in the world of charity, among all certainly John Cena is one of the most famous faces of many campaigns to help others or maybe even Chris Jericho, with the former AEW World Champion who every time he sees a petition or a collection of money for some athlete who was his colleague in the past, in considerable difficulty, always responds with a large donation.

Among the many also Titus O'Neil was one of the greatest benefactors of the WWE, with the wrestler who is not often seen in the rings of the McMahon-owned federation, who has given so much as a WWE ambassador, also showing up at the Paralympics or going to schools to talk to children, to combat bullying and racism against disabled or problematic children.

In recent years, Sami Zayn has also wanted to carry out his personal campaign to help his fellow countrymen, from his country of origin, Syria, with the WWE athlete, who despite holding the role of slimy heel on WWE television screens, in real life he would have a very big heart.

Thanks to a message posted on his social channels, Sami Zayn wanted to make known to his fans and to all those who actively contributed to the cause, that his non-profit Sami for Syria, has donated the second mobile clinic built on a container that can be moved to the country which borders Turkey and Iraq.

Sami Zayn is a huge superstar

Thanks to his huge contribution, Sami was delighted to share this fantastic news with his followers, with the clinic that will be used by doctors who have been working in the field for years, just like the twin, who arrived a few years ago, in a project that started just five years ago.

Once again we give a huge applause to the perseverance and tenacity of Sami Zayn, who has been fighting against the war in Syria for years, with the lavishness of love and peace, which instead in his country, unfortunately, they still have not understood.

He added that sudden plan changes could be frustrating, but the talents always manage to make it work. "There are times when I’m frustrated with it [backstage environment]. When things are going awry and I’m frustrated and I’m about to go out and I go, ‘this just shouldn’t happen.'

This should be the week where it all explodes so that this never happens again but it never happens, we always pull it off."