Backstage news on Naomi's status

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Backstage news on Naomi's status

In the last month, one of the thorniest speeches we've talked about in WWE was that of the former tag team champions on the main roster, Sasha Banks and Naomi, who left one of the Monday Night Raw tapings of now several weeks ago, after a nasty squabble with the leadership of the federation, about their on-screen situation and that of their characters.

After leaving the contractual situation in the hands of their lawyers, there would be no more news of any kind for Naomi and Sasha Banks for days, weeks. The two had also started a sort of social silence that lasted from the day they left the scene with the McMahon-owned federation.

After many days without posting anything, Naomi initially wanted to update fans on how her days are going, with a video posted on her Instagram page that immortalized her with part of her family, having fun at the sea, including the husband Jimmy Uso, Tag Team Champion of both WWE rosters, with whom she has been married since 2014.

Latest news on Naomi

In the last few hours, Naomi also wanted to go back to reactivating her Twitter account, posting a video that has gone viral a few months ago online, in which the changes in people are explained and what reason leads them to change their attitude in front of a problem, a little.

what happened to her and colleague Sasha Banks on WWE. Graves, who commentates on RAW, revealed on his After The Bell podcast that he shared a joke with the WWE Chairman when he returned backstage. “There was a few weeks back, and you’ll know what I’m alluding to, when things changed in a very drastic manner on Monday Night RAW,” Graves said.

“And I walked back through the curtain and I walked up to our fearless leader, and he had a grin on his face. ‘Hey, it’s live TV, nothing can go wrong, right?’ And he just laughed and shook my hand and went about his business”.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champions have not yet publicly commented on their controversial walkout. According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, people in WWE have “not heard of much, if any, communication between the two sides”.

WWE is still advertising the upcoming episode of SmackDown Live from the Moody Center in Texas but has updated the listings to make it clear that Roman Reigns will not be in attendance.