WWE is filming the recovery of Cody Rhodes

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WWE is filming the recovery of Cody Rhodes

Despite having arrived in WWE a few months ago, Cody Rhodes continues to make a lot of talk about himself, this time however for a very bad injury that hit him during his last training and practically forced him to show up in the ring in Hell in a Cell, with a huge hematoma in the chest, with an internal blood spill that created a gigantic bruise on the upper part of the athlete's body.

Despite the incredible injury, WWE still agreed that the athlete went into the ring, even behind the push of Cody himself, who agreed to get on the Hell in a Cell square despite the injury. At the moment, the athlete has undergone a surgical operation to fix this problem, with his absence which will be prolonged and will lead the wrestler to skip WWE scenes for months.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

According to reports from the well-known overseas site, Fightful, WWE would be filming a bit of all the daily actions that Cody Rhodes is carrying out on his path to 100% recovery to return to the ring, with his return to the scene which is expected in about nine months.

Within these shots, the WWE also included interviews and communications made by his wife Brandi, a former AEW wrestler like her husband. In the latest update of the well-known site, we read in fact: "WWE announced that on Wednesday Rhodes underwent his surgery, originally the Fightful report mentioned Thursday as day X, but in the end, the confirmation came through Brandi Rhodes.

Eventually, the athlete went to Birmingham on Wednesday to undergo the operation. WWE also conducted some interviews and filmed material for a possible documentary about the injury, among other things." Matt Cardona, who is currently injured, was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman.

Cardona praised Cody and answered if he'd like to do something similar to what Rhodes is doing in WWE: “What a night for Cody and what a return it’s been, and he’s proven himself, which he has in the past before, but I think, right now, it’s truly his time...

It’s super cool that he was able to bring his music, his logos, and his nickname. It’s his package so, hypothetically, if I were to ever go back, yeah, I'd love to do something similar to that”.