New details on The Usos' future

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New details on The Usos' future

One of the most important stable currently in circulation on the WWE rings, if not the most important of all, is certainly the Bloodline, a team formed by the undisputed WWE and Universal champion of both Raw and Smackdown roster, Roman Reigns, the cousins, The Usos, couple champions of Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw and their personal manager/advisor, Paul Heyman.

After months of internal wrangling, when Reigns was still in the early days of his formidable reign under Universal Champion, the Usos decided to join their elder cousin, who had taken power within the family and the entire WWE after his turn heel, proclaiming himself Tribal Chief, also defeating both cousins.

After over 600 days of reign titled with the title of Smackdown and after also beating the Beast of the company in that of Wrestlemania 38, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns is continuing to go far and wide in the rings of the company, not finding until now no one who can endanger his kingdoms, with the cousins ​​who have recently also become champions of the red show, beating the RK-Bro formed by Randy Orton and Riddle.

What's next for The Usos?

In the last few hours, some rumors have emerged regarding the possibility that The Usos could pass into the NXT rings even for a few quick appointments, as recently done by Dolph Ziggler, Natalya or AJ Styles.

After posting a tweet of support to their younger brother, Solo Sikoa, The Usos received the response of one of the most famous faces of the last few weeks of NXT 2.0, with Grayson Waller who wanted to respond directly to the two champions of the main roster, launching not a very veiled challenge.

After finishing his feud against the Phenomenal One, it seems that Waller may soon start a great feud with the entire Samoan family as well, should the Usos decide to reply to this tweet: "Get Roman to give you permission to work on Tuesdays."

With a very simple sentence, the NXT fighter invited The Usos, twin brothers of Solo Sikoa, to show up next Tuesday at NXT, to fight him. Who knows if the brothers on the main roster will accept this challenge? As one of the most decorated teams in the history of WWE, the brothers still haven't lost a step.

In fact, you could easily argue that this current run in The Bloodline has been the best of their careers. Both teams built the drama in what felt like an old-school-style match. There was plenty of excitement and heat throughout, and Riddle sold his injury to perfection.