Zack Sabre Jr. calls out big AEW star

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Zack Sabre Jr. calls out big AEW star

NJPW star Zack Sabre Jr. seems to have big career goals he wants to achieve, and already has a plan for AEW x NJPW “Forbidden Door”. Bryan Danielson is the first one he wants in the ring. “Oh, I’m talking about useless pricks, I’ve got a bone to pick with you guys,” said Sabre Jr.

for Wrestling Inc. “Last week, after Budokan, I was trying to be nice and subtle. I hummed the theme to ‘Final Countdown’ very beautifully. But I changed the lyrics. ‘Are we heading to Venus’, but I changed it to, ‘Are we heading to Chicago?’ You bastards edited it out, didn’t you? So no more time for subtlety.

American Dragon, can you take some time out of your busy golfing schedule, the Blackpool Country Club, to find out who the best technical wrestler in the world is. I’ll tell you now, darling. It’s fu—ing me”.

Bryan Danielson on Zack Sabre Jr.

Danielson confirmed in a recent interview that he would love to be in the ring again with Saber Jr. and we’ll see how realistic that is at the moment. Danielson praised the skill Saber has, and now he has matured even more as a wrestler and what else could you expect but a spectacle.

The only question is whether the leaders of the organizations will want such a match to happen. “I would love to wrestle Okada, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about Zack Sabre Jr. and wrestling him to see who is the best technical wrestler in the world,” Danielson said.

“We have two very different styles of technical wrestling. We wrestled in 2008, and he was just a kid, but I was super impressed with him then. He’s grown into this amazing wrestler, and I don’t ever recall seeing anyone wrestle with his technique”.