Latest update on Bray Wyatt's release

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Latest update on Bray Wyatt's release

Among the many names excluded from the WWE rosters last year, there was also the former Universal and WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt, an athlete with a thousand faces, who had managed to get back on the crest of the wave thanks to his new character presented in the rings of the company de McMahon: the evil Fiend.

After months of struggling with The Fiend's mind games, in a wonderful feud against Randy Orton, with the character brought to the scene by Wyatt who had even been set on fire entirely after a Firefly Inferno match at TLC, WWE had thought good to release Bray Wyatt due to constant absences, who was struggling to cope with the death of close friend Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper in WWE).

After months of his release, Wyatt's now also come out of the non-competition clause of the WWE and could therefore sign with anyone who wants a new agreement even outside the company of Stamford, but for the moment he remains silent and stopped.

The latest news on Bray Wyatt

According to H Jenkins of Ringside News, Bray Wyatt wasn't fired for any backstage behavior issues that have been reported elsewhere. Almost a year after his dismissal, rumors have emerged in the last few hours about the reason that prompted WWE to release one of its most famous athletes of the last period, with the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, who wanted to try to clarify the situation.

In one of their latest updates, Ringside's journalists reported how the Fiend character literally ditched and killed prominent figures such as Seth Rollins and The Miz, with the following comments leaked from WWE: "He killed a babyface Rollins and a babyface Miz and there are detailed analyzes documenting that.

Plus, his push skyrocketed and he was thought to be the new Undertaker of modern times. Except unlike him, Taker started when he was at the top sending the other top stars over. Bray didn't have the faintest idea how to do it and the gimmick obviously didn't help him."

The following is a comment from a "tenured member of the creative team" given to Jenkins regarding Wyatt's run as The Fiend in WWE.