Road Dogg reveals why WWE fired him

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Road Dogg reveals why WWE fired him

NXT has recently been at the center of a new, resounding jolt in recent months, with a new wave of layoffs that have swept away even major names in the history of not just the show but the entire WWE. And among them, in addition to William Regal, Road Dogg can only stand out, also famous for the fruitful work done in the past as a key man of the SmackDown creative team.

And the former DX wanted to greet his many fans immediately after with a social message in which his bitterness was evident. As noted, NXT has gone through some major changes since the brand was relaunched as NXT 2.0 last year, and release waves have been dangerously frequent since then.

Even several news sources (starting with 'Fightful Select') have raised the suspicion that the leaders of the WWE are working meticulously and relentlessly to remove from NXT every single person that Triple H had taken on in the pivotal roles of the show.

Road Dogg on his WWE release

In his latest interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart, for ITRWrestling, Road Dogg wanted to put an end to the famous conspiracy theories against him and against the recent NXT layoffs, with the brotherly friend of the Triple who in fact stated: "So look, in every conspiracy theory, there's always a handful of truth, right? But I don't think that's the case.

I think what they have done is just business. Because I have been on the side of the business and in this business for the last ten years, I look at it differently than how other guys might be compared to their perception. Look, the fact that they cut me and my brother and 13 other people that day, from a business decision standpoint, saved them from spending about $ 5-10 million a year.

Do you know what that means? So from a business perspective 'Hey, we gotta lower the numbers here a bit.' Now, my name sadly got in there and everyone took it like touching a Hunter boy. I can't talk about this and I don't think that's the case.

I think it was more like 'We gotta kick some people out' These are the people who make the most money, to be honest with you, but who else can we send away to file these numbers? Vince and I spoke by message, I thanked him for the ten years and for the life experience and for the last ten years of good pay."