Former WWE star takes a shot at Batista

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Former WWE star takes a shot at Batista

Batista has been one of the most popular wrestlers among fans in the modern era, thanks to his overwhelming strength and unmistakable charisma. In addition to being a six-time world champion, Dave has won the World Tag Team Championship three times and the WWE Tag Team Championship once alongside Rey Mysterio.

In 2010, after leaving WWE, he began working in films following in the footsteps of The Rock and John Cena. In the episode of Raw on February 25, 2019, during the celebrations for Ric Flair's 70th anniversary, 'The Animal' attacked the latter backstage and asked to be able to face Triple H for the last time.

The two challenged each other in a 'No-Holds-Barred match' at WrestleMania 35, with The Game victorious. On April 8, Batista announced his retirement from wrestling. In a recent interview with James Romero for 'WSI', Shelly Martinez, known as Ariel during her time at ECW, recalled the confrontation she had with Dave about her over the weekend of WrestleMania 23.

It's no secret that the two superstars didn't love each other and that was one of the reasons that led to Martinez's release in May 2007.

Shelly Martinez slams Batista

“I was staying at the hotel during the WrestleMania 23 weekend.

We, superstars, had a separate elevator so fans couldn't access it. When I got into the elevator, there were a couple of athletes with their families and Batista. After saying hello to everyone, I got an insult from Dave.

For no reason whatsoever. I was stunned” - said Shelly. “A few days later, I told my side of the story to John Laurinaitis. Batista had insulted me in front of other fighters and their families, it was a huge lack of respect.

John told me to stay away from Dave as much as possible, that's all" - added Martinez. Recently, Batista had to undergo a series of surgeries to fix his battered legs. One such name is Batista, who wasn't included in the base roster of WWE' 13 and 2K17.

He, however, is a part of WWE 2K22 and is available to be unlocked as a playable character. The Animal's overall rating is 88, which is perhaps a bit low for a wrestler of his standard. Nonetheless, gamers won't be able to play like him from the very beginning.

Rather, he must be unlocked as a playable superstar. The Showcase mode has made its grand return to WWE 2K22, allowing gamers to revisit some of the greatest matches involving Rey Mysterio, the cover superstar of the game.