RAW: Tommaso Ciampa has lost all his space

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RAW: Tommaso Ciampa has lost all his space

In recent weeks we have seen some very important steps from the NXT roster to the main roster, such as that of Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser, which led the Austrian athlete to even win the Intercontinental title, or the displacement of the former world champion of NXT, Raquel Rodriguez, in that of Smackdown, with the girl who immediately staged some very interesting matches against the champion of the blue show, Ronda Rousey.

Another of the names moved to the main roster, but this time on Monday Night Raw, is that of the former absolute champion of the WWE color roster, Tommaso Ciampa, with the bearded boy who initially seemed to be inserted in the Judgment Day of Edge, but in the end, the plans were instead changed by the WWE management, which instead preferred the name of Finn Balor, with the rest of the stable who then betrayed its leader, in the last episode of the red show.

In the episode of the red show that aired tonight on USA Network TV screens, WWE staged a match between Riddle and Tommaso Ciampa himself, with the former NXT Champion who once had a very solid character in front of WWE cameras, who tonight instead made the figure of the jobber, put there by the company only to take a quick defeat from the man in the limelight of the federation.

Tommaso Ciampa is not seen on Raw

In addition to being introduced to the ring without his entrance music, Tommaso Ciampa then also lost a very quick match against Riddle, with his character literally getting fish in the face, unlike what appeared to be the plans for him on his WWE debut.

In recent weeks, Tommaso hasn't even been included in any red show feud, so much so that to see him, fans have had to follow him all the way to the Main Event. At the moment it is not clear in which direction the WWE is going with him, if the management wants to give him a really important change of gimmick or if the Chairman has simply lost faith and hope in his future, as happened in the past with dozens and dozens of wrestlers, first shot into the sky and then completely forgotten in the locker room, until the athlete is dismissed or requested to be released.

The Blackheart was brought to WWE RAW in early 2022, featuring in matches alongside Finn Balor and NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Ciampa has featured rarely since debuting but was last seen two weeks ago in a backstage segment with Kevin Owens and Ezekiel.