RAW: Elias' return announced

Elias hasn't been seen on WWE TV for almost four months

by Simone Brugnoli
RAW: Elias' return announced

WWE Superstar Ezekiel made his debut several weeks ago, in the post-Wrestlemania episode of Raw, announcing to the WWE Universe that he is the younger brother of Elias, the minstrel of the company who has now disappeared for some time after some cartoons that he portrayed doing some kind of funeral for his character.

Obviously, Ezekiel introduced himself to everyone in the company, with people who welcomed him well, but one person in particular, Kevin Owens, started screaming at the world that he is simply Elias with a new look, no beard and calling him a liar.

Ezekiel continued to tell him that it is not true, he tried to bring various evidence to prove it to him, but the PrizeFighter did not want to believe him in any way and continued to make fun of him and try to unmask him with little success, even resorting to the machine of the truth which however proved Elias' brother right.

Elias will be back soon

During the episode of the red show that aired tonight on USA Network televisions, Ezekiel and Kevin Owens got their rematch, which the Canadian confirmed to his opponent last week when Ezekiel admitted he was Elias, lying, just to get a rematch of Hell in a Cell.

However, this time it was Ezekiel who won the contest, who beat his opponent to a disqualification. After the dispute, Ezekiel said he has not finished with Owens yet, with his next goal being to win the Money in the Bank match at the homonymous ppv.

After this big announcement, Ezekiel also confirmed that next week, Elias will return to show up on WWE televisions, it is not known if in a match or live promo or if the company will stage a promo recorded months ago when the wrestler still had a beard and long hair.

We remember how Elias has not been seen in WWE since last year, when he staged some very particular angles, in which he threw his guitar in a bonfire lit in the woods and then no longer showed up in the company's rings for months.

Owens' frustration did not end there. After the match, his opponent took to the ring to say he wanted to be a part of the WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He added that he was not done with Owens even after his win. On top of that, Zeke had an exciting announcement.

He said he had spoken to his elder brother, Elias, who was eager to return and had tuned up his guitar. He then said that the star would return to WWE RAW next week.

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