Roman Reigns has received a lot of criticism

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Roman Reigns has received a lot of criticism

Roman Reigns has been the absolute ruler of WWE for nearly two years now, beating anyone who stood in his way. The Tribal Chief has been the undisputed champion for some time and holds both champion titles, both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

After some time Roman will return to defend the title; in the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown Roman and Riddle will face off and the champion will defend his title. During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the manager of Reigns, the well-known Paul Heyman, intervened.

The latter declared, in front of the audience of the red show, that, in the event of a defeat against the champion, Riddle will no longer be able to compete with Reigns for the title of WWE Universal Champion. Riddle intervened saying that he will do anything to take the title and then had a verbal confrontation with the other members of the Bloodline, Jey and Jimmy Uso.

New details on Roman Reigns

After Cody Rhodes' gutsy performance at Hell in a Cell, Rikishi believes the 36-year-old's WWE future looks bright. Roman Reigns' legendary cousin made a noteworthy prediction as well.

"Once he gets this injury fixed, I'm sure he's gonna work twice as hard to be able to come back in full effect. The future looks bright. I see Cody Rhodes somewhere down the line in the future as the heavyweight champion there, you know? The champion, period."

Journalist Bill Apter commented on this story, criticizing the WWE not a little. Apter made it clear that he does not agree at all with Heyman's words and further explained the reason for all this: "I think the clause that Paul Heyman put in is completely useless.

What would happen if Riddle wins the briefcase in the Money in the Bank Pay Per View? It seems clear to me that this clause has no value." The journalist also commented on what could happen in Friday's match, clarifying that, in his opinion, the outcome is really obvious.

Apter continued: "Riddle will have a good match, but he certainly won't win. I also believe that the Usos will be in SmackDown and Bloodline will probably use this factor to help the champion." On the RAW episode after Hell in a Cell, Rhodes was written off television due to a sneak attack from Seth Rollins. It remains unclear if their feud will continue once The American Nightmare returns to action.