Raw: Bobby Lashley proved to be dangerous

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Raw: Bobby Lashley proved to be dangerous

Dear Readers Welcome back or welcome to a new report from the Monday Night RAW episode, which aired this Monday in Wichita, Kansas. So, let's go and... let's do this! The episode opens with the Miz Show starring obviously Miz who introduces himself and also introduces his special guest (he also introduces himself) Paul Heyman.

No guys, Roman Reigns won't be on the aforementioned show today, then you were complaining about Lesnar. Let's go ahead and find the two chatting especially about the next WWE PPV, Money In The Bank. We talk about the success rates of the collection, the success rate of Miz and also how many chances there are to collect in a winning way on Reigns, or 0% (says, Heyman).

Theory was in the main event of RAW this week. It involved Bobby Lashley, but it wasn't a match. Instead, we had a flex-off between the two muscular men, and even beforehand, it was clear that the main event wasn't going to deliver.

Bobby Lashley doesn't give up

What we should note is that earlier on the show, Theory continued to subtly take digs at John Cena, teasing that he could be the opponent for the former franchise player of WWE upon his return.

He may not even need the US Title to feud with Cena, so don't be surprised to see The All Mighty Bobby Lashley capture the title again soon. In addition, the lawyer reminds the public of Friday's appointment in SmackDown where Roman Reigns will be challenged by Riddle for the top titles.

At that moment Riddle arrives who interrupts the Miz Show and responds in a manner to both of them. He asks Miz how the low parts are while to Heyman he says that Reigns will have to destroy him to stop him otherwise he won't give up easily.

Heyman respects Riddle but knows he can't beat him and announces the conclusion of the match: if he beats Reigns, he will become the new Undisputed Universal WWE Champion, if he loses he will no longer be able to fight for the top titles as long as Reigns is champion.

Finally, the Usos arrive ready to attack Riddle but the Street Profits arrive to protect the shoulders of the Bro par excellence. During the match, Seth Rollins smashed Austin Theory through Lashley’s pod. The glass broke and Theory smashed into Lashley. While Theory walked away without any major injuries, Lashley wasn’t as lucky.