Raw: Jimmy Uso took another win

The Bloodline has dominated the company since 2020

by Simone Brugnoli
Raw: Jimmy Uso took another win

JIMMY USO VS MONTEZ FORD Match that we have seen and reviewed in many different ways but to see them fight is always nice. The very intense clash between the two sees first Ford dominating and then Jimmy. In the end, Montez Ford, with his Frog Splash, tries to win the match but Jimmy protects himself by bending his knees and with a sort of Roll Up he takes the victory home.

WINNER: JIMMY USO. Ford took control of the match with a lariat and a big dropkick before getting an early near fall. Jimmy got a headbutt and blocked a springboard move before dropping Ford on the apron with a suplex.

Jimmy Uso faced Montez Ford

The former tag team champion recovered and hit a dropkick on Jimmy Uso on the top rope before getting the Frogpsplash, but Jimmy got his knees up.

Jimmy then got the pin in the ring. THAT'S FOR CODY Meanwhile, in the locker room we find Seth Rollins ready to be interviewed by Kevin Patrick. The reporter's first question was whether he had any remorse for the brutal attack on Rhodes.

Obviously, The Visionary has no remorse whatsoever, that The American Nightmare was a danger to him and the WWE and that now Monday Night Rollins is back. He is asked what will be in the future and Rollins replies that he wants to make a huge cashback as he did at WM31 and that in the qualifying match against Styles, he will win without too many problems.

As he talks, Phenomenal One himself comes and hits him and says "This is for Cody". According to sources, a couple of WWE top officials have expressed anger and frustration over Jimmy Uso’s latest arrest. It’s not confirmed whether or not his WWE career is at risk, but the officials have explained that when someone makes the same mistake more than once, it’s a choice.

Considering police have arrested Jimmy Uso prior to this for similar reasons, it’s natural for the company to be furious at him. However, previously, the company has claimed they are unrelated to any of Jonathan Fatu’s personal life incidents.

They got a second chance the same night, but in that match, Roman Reigns interfered and savaged The Mysterios. This started a brief feud between Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns, which ended on SmackDown when Reigns defeated Mysterio. Next, the twins and their cousin cut a segment backstage, where Reigns and Jimmy were arguing.

Raw Jimmy Uso