Raw: Kevin Owens surprisingly defeated

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Raw: Kevin Owens surprisingly defeated

KEVIN OWENS VS EZEKIEL. Maybe they ran out of ideas at WWE and always repeat the same matches. Yes, ok there is a feud but in the last two months, we have often seen these two go one on one. The match is sensational not for the quality of it but for how it ends.

Ezekiel and Owens are outside the ring near the commentator table; the Canadian pushes his opponent away and, when he hears Jimmy Smith say the name Ezekiel, he KO freaks out and is counted out, thus losing the match. WINNER: EZEKIEL BY COUNT-OUT.

Kevin Owens sent Ezekiel into the corner early on and hit a cannonball followed by a frog splash for a near fall. KO was sent outside before Zeke hit a massive Samoan Drop on top of the steel steps from the apron.

Ezekiel def.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens hit a splash outside during the commercials, and when we returned to RAW, Ezekiel was caught in a headlock. Zeke got a knee to the face and sent Owens outside before running into the ring post after KO dodged a tackle.

It doesn't end there because Ezekiel, not happy, says he wants to participate in Money in the Bank and is excited by the idea of ​​having his brother Elias present next week at RAW. Thanks, WWE, for the first time in a long time I am intrigued by what you are going to do because I don't dare to imagine what you will bring out or who you will bring out.

#WalkWithEliasIsBack (?) MVP VS CEDRIC ALEXANDER. Match useful only to fill three hours of show. With a Playmaker, MVP takes the match home. Of note is what happens after the match, that is Omos in the center of the Ring raising his hands to the sky and pointing to the briefcase (it is disturbing that he almost gets there without a ladder).

The note continues with Kevin calling his run like a crazy ride. Which it has been as Owens has been both Heel and Face and has become a feature of the WWE product. He was given the Intercontinental Championship. He even had an 84-day reign with the title.

Owens again won the title but the main highlight of his career would come in August 2016. After this Kevin won the US Championship against Jericho at Mania. He later lost the title to Styles and lost another match against him which ended their feud.

Owens would continue his heel run and this will continue till his injury which happened after his match at Super Show-Down.