Raw: Chad Gable defeated Mustafa Ali

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Raw: Chad Gable defeated Mustafa Ali

MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCH - AJ STYLES VS SETH ROLLINS. This is a match to see and review. Two of the most talented wrestlers in WWE and possibly even in the world. Indeed, without perhaps. Styles starts strong, Rollins responds but in the end, the Phenomenal One takes over the reins of the match and throws out the Visionary.

A clash between the two with many small facets and which give extraordinary moments to the whole WWE Universe. Eventually, Rollins goes for the Frog Splash, missing the target; Styles, however, takes the opportunity to perform the Styles Clash but The Revolutionary reverses the move and with a Roll Up wins the match.

WINNER: SETH ROLLINS Seth Rollins is the first participant in the Money in the Bank! RIDDLE VS CIAMPA. Ciampa has now gone from being NXT's best talent to any Jobber. And this shows how much WWE is really interested in creating new talents, new main eventers, and new undisputed champions.

If that's not enough for you, I'll tell you straight and round: Riddle's victory thanks to an RKO. WINNER: RIDDLE. Mustafa Ali had the upper hand early on and hit a hurricanrana before Chad Gable sent him into the turnbuckles.

Gable got a near fall off a big slam before locking in a submission move.

Chad Gable def. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali got a tornado DDT before Otis tried to drag Chad Gable out of the way of a dive. Ali kicked Otis in the face and took him down, but it allowed Gable to roll him up for the win.

Proceeding with the red show, in the ring we find the good Kevin Patrick ready to interview the RAW female champion, Bianca Belair. The first question is what do you think of Gabriele Marsella's reports she claims to find them absolutely fantastic.

I'm kidding my friends. The first real question is about Rhea and the EST she claims she always had esteem for Rhea and what she did before she joined on Judgment Day. Rhea appears on the big screen with the rest of Judgment Day but the talking is Finn Balor, who says that now they will do what they want when they want.

Then Priest intervenes and claims to be free and that now there is no leader to listen to. Finally, the protagonist of the segment, Rhea, who talks about last week's clash where she lost a tooth, that she liked it and that she is ready to sacrifice anything to win the RAW Women 's Championship.

CHAD GABLE VS MUSTAFA ALI. From the first contender for the US title to Jobber practically Squashato the bass is short- Ask Mustafa Ali for confirmation. WINNER: CHAD GABLE.