Raw: AJ Styles left everyone speechless

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Raw: AJ Styles left everyone speechless

REY MYSTERIO VS VEER MAHAAN. Another match that's to be considered useless since the result is not obvious. Victory for Veer Mahaan's Cervical Clutch. WINNER: VEER MAHAAN We arrive at the Highlight of the evening, that is Theory and Bobby Lashley who compete...

in a match of poses to flex their muscles. I boh, I don't know what to say. Seth Rollins unsurprisingly showed no remorse for his attack on Cody Rhodes last week on RAW. His interview was hijacked when AJ Styles shoved him out of nowhere, saying that it was for Cody.

This set up the Money in the Bank qualifying match. While the commentators said that it wasn't going to be a technical classic, it certainly was. He then said that he would do the same thing to AJ Styles in this week's MITB Qualifier match.

AJ came in and knocked Rollins off his chair, saying, "that's for Cody," before walking off.

Seth Rollins def. AJ Styles

AJ Styles got a backslide before the match headed outside, and Rollins took a diving forearm over the top rope.

Rollins ran out of the ring, and Styles chased him, but Seth got back in the ring and knocked AJ off the apron before hitting a dive through the ropes outside. But did they really play Theory against LASHLEY IN A POSE COMPETITION TO SHOW MUSCLES? BUT GIVE, BUT WHY.

However, there is a thought, Theory has shown (but actually we already knew) how much he cares about his physique and how hard he works to have that type of body. Obviously Lashley wins (the WWE would have decided the winner) who dominates in all respects but in the end Theory throws body oil in the eyes of the All Mighty temporarily blinding him and hitting him with a Dropkick, causing him to fall out of the ring.

This episode of Monday Night RAW ends with Theory posing on the pedestal. I thank you for staying with me until the end of this report, I invite you to stay on WorldWrestling.it to stay updated with the latest news. AJ Styles did not appear on the show this week, which means the injury is serious.

WWE has said that the injury can affect the match between Edge and Styles at WrestleMania 38, but as of now it remains on the card. Hence, all eyes are on Styles’ recovery.