Jim Cornette slams Ronda Rousey

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Jim Cornette slams Ronda Rousey
Jim Cornette slams Ronda Rousey (Provided by Wrestling World)

Ronda Rousey took over WWE in the absence of Charlotte Flair. The Riverdale superstar has shown that she has an extraordinary talent, which has allowed her to adapt to wrestling with surprising ease. Her career began in January 2018 when she signed her first contract with the Stamford-based federation.

'Rowdy' made his debut on April 8 following WrestleMania 34, taking off the whim of beating Stephanie McMahon and Triple H paired with the legendary Kurt Angle. A few months later, at SummerSlam, she won the Raw Women's Championship, keeping it for 232 days.

After nearly three years of inactivity, she returned to the ring on January 29, 2022, taking home the women's Royal Rumble match. In the latest episode of SmackDown, Ronda defeated Shotzi with his infallible 'Armbar' As part of his now popular podcast, Jim Cornette said Rousey should try harder when she records promos.

Jim Cornette takes a shot at Ronda Rousey

“Ronda Rousey showed up on SmackDown and recorded a promo, which was based on prepared material. WWE's goal is to shift focus to the next pay-per-view, Money in the Bank. It almost seemed that Ronda was forced to make that promo, there was not a minimum of naturalness in her words.

She sometimes conveys the feeling of not wanting to be there” - Jim Cornette analyzed. “She spoke for about 30 seconds and wasn't convincing at all. Then she came Shotzi and she brought some life, as the fans were clearly bored" - he added.

Jim praised Cody Rhodes for his promos: “Cody is by far the best superstar in the WWE when it comes to recording a promo. Unlike so many other athletes, he has the ability to look natural and not look at the camera while he is talking.

He looks at the interviewer or interviewer and interacts with him/her, which makes him much more credible than most of his colleagues. The other superstars should learn from him”. After the match, Natalya locked The Baddest Woman on The Planet in The Sharpshooter.

In response, Rousey took to Instagram to write the following: "Gotta give it to @shotziwwe, - though I’m missing a chunk out of my cheek from that manicured fishhook - at least she had the gumption to come at me head-on.

Whereas there’s friends for a reason, friends for a season and then there’s this b*tch @natbynature - btw I still think Uncle Bret does the sharpshooter better than you."

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