Michael Cole was harshly criticized

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Michael Cole was harshly criticized

One of the most well-known characters at ringside of WWE is undoubtedly Michael Cole, commentator of the Stamford-based federation for decades, who already worked in the backstage of the then WWF at the end of the 90s and never moved from there.

Over the years, Cole has also managed to step into the ring as an athlete, putting up some hilarious matches against some Superstars or against other colleagues, such as Jim Ross, in some truly unwatchable contests, which have pleased the fans who saw him beaten up by half roster, as Cole was a federation heel for years, at the company's microphone.

After returning to simply being a ringside reporter, his one and only true job, for Michael Cole there was a second youth at the comment table with Pat McAfee, his current news partner for Friday Night Smackdown.

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Recently interviewed by WSI microphones, together with James Romero, the historic WWE manager, known in the rings of the McMahon company as Zeb Colter, who in the world of independents is called Dutch Mantell, wanted to provoke Michael Cole, historic WWE reporter, with the old manager of Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger who in fact stated: "I'd rather walk in the middle of a beehive without a shirt than hear Michael Cole commenting on a match.

Because he's so corporate. Whatever you see, even when they come back to him, he reads something they want him to say." Apparently, scrupulously following the directions that come from gorilla position and therefore from WWE Chairman, would not lead Michael Cole to be seen as one.

very nice, both in WWE and outside it, with the now historic WWE reporter who has built his entire career on this modus operandi, who has no blemish as regards his prefessionalism, despite external criticism. It is well known that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sometimes feeds lines to commentators via a headset during shows.

Mantell clarified that his criticism is aimed at the role Cole is being asked to play rather than the man himself. Unfortunately, current SmackDown play-by-play announcer Tom Phillips was without a role after the new commentary teams were announced.

As per some reports, it was revealed that Phillips will assume the role of a producer backstage. Tom Phillips will be working backstage for now. There’s been talk he will eventually replace Michael Cole on SmackDown, however.