WWE cannot fire Vince McMahon

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WWE cannot fire Vince McMahon

After the news that the WWE Chairman would pay his employee to say nothing about their secret relationship, knowing that Vince Mcmahon is married, many people have wondered what to expect now regarding his role and I work in the company.

In fact, the WWE board has been conducting an internal investigation since April 2021 and Dave Meltzer also spoke of this in his Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that Vince McMahon has a vast majority of voting power in WWE.

The board would not be able to vote him out even if he wanted to. "Another aspect is that the board has power, but Vince ... even though Vince doesn't own the majority of the stock [of the company] Vince owns the way the stock is set up, Vince owns a large majority of the voting power, so it's not like Vince can be voted out.

He should have resigned or there would have been external pressure that would have made Vince fired, which is one of the reasons why, as I said, he is saying: 'It's all as usual.' "

Will Vince McMahon continue to work backstage?

In the wake of the recent allegations, it has been reported that Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon are no longer together.

Speaking on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), Dave Meltzer claimed that Stephanie Mcmahon was aware of the situation. “Technically they’re married. I mean, they haven’t been together in a long, long time though”.

With the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown getting closer and closer, people are obviously curious to know if the Chairman will be backstage working on the Friday show as usual. Also, Dave Meltzer in the same circumstance reported above wanted to clarify the matter, stating: "Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis will go on TV on Friday at least according to what was reported a couple of hours ago, this is what we heard.

And they are basically saying. that's all as usual. That's what they're saying, yes. I don't know how it could be as usual. What do I mean? Again, it's very early." The name of John Laurinaitis was mentioned as he too would seem involved in this story and would also risk losing his job.

Dupree recently spoke on the Cafe De Rene podcast, where he made a surprising statement about Vince and Linda's living arrangements: "I heard that Vince and Linda are still legally married but they haven't lived together in decades."

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