Riddle speaks about Randy Orton

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Riddle speaks about Randy Orton

Recently, Matt Riddle, explained why his tag team partner, Randy Orton's been absent from the action. Apparently, Orton's struggling with a back problem. After a twenty-year career, Orton's being troubled by his body and therefore is most likely out of the scene for a real physical problem and not for a company work.

In his speech, Riddle even confirmed that we wouldn't be able to see RK-Bro again together if the problem were more serious than expected. Apparently, in the last few hours, the concern also seems to have emerged that for this physical problem, with Orton who may not return to fight for the whole of 2022, with fans who are already very worried about the thing, waiting for the challenge that was already written between the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns and the Legend Killer himself for Summerslam.

Riddle reflects on Randy Orton

During his promo this week at Friday Night Smackdown, Riddle wanted to talk about the physical situation of his friend, with whom he held the Raw Tag Team Champions titles, with the Bro-Man revealing how Randy Orton will soon have to submit.

to unspecified back surgery, to solve the problems that lately are gripping the WWE Viper. After this revelation, Riddle also confirmed that it is not known if after the operation Randy will be able to train again to be able to return to the scene, with the thing that it is no longer clear if it is part of the storyline and is, therefore, all a work.

or whether fans should really care about Randy's health. After wishing Randy good luck and after dedicating him the match of the evening against Roman Reigns, Riddle also started the music of the Viper, to keep fans' memory of him high, although for the moment he cannot be seen on the ring of the company.

It's hard to imagine Reigns dropping the championship on an episode of SmackDown and in his first televised defense after The Show of Shows. Competitors are queueing up for a shot at his title, and Riddle is perhaps the least likely to dethrone him out of all the stars that have stepped up to the challenge in recent weeks.