Latest news on Cody Rhodes' injury

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Latest news on Cody Rhodes' injury
Latest news on Cody Rhodes' injury (Provided by Wrestling World)

Although he arrived in WWE only a few months ago, Cody Rhodes continues to make a lot of talk about himself, this time however for the very bad injury that hit him during his last training and practically forced him to show up in the ring of the ' last WWE PPV, in Hell in a Cell, with a huge hematoma in the chest and an internal blood spill that created a gigantic bruise on the upper part of the athlete's body, caused by the tearing of the pectoral muscle.

Despite the incredible injury, WWE still agreed that the athlete went into the ring, even behind the push of Cody himself, who agreed to get on the Hell in a Cell square despite the injury, since no maneuver would have however, the damage already done to the pectoral was worsened, given that the laceration was total.

At the moment, the athlete has undergone a surgical operation to fix this problem, with his absence which will be prolonged and will lead the wrestler to skip WWE scenes for at least nine months, also justified by the slimy attack of Seth Rollins in the last episode of Raw in which Cody took part.

Latest update on Cody Rhodes

Thanks to an update that came directly from Cody Rhodes himself, let's see in what condition the physique of the former WWE Goldust's younger brother is at the moment, with the American Nightmare staying true to his nickname, making his fans have bad dreams after what we have seen in recent weeks.

With this photo and this caption, Cody wanted us to know that most of the bloodshed has flowed out to the ribs and hip, with the surgery being literally a bloodbath, which the wrestler lately has also been accustomed to the ring, especially on those of the AEW.

We remember how at WWE he recorded all the operation and the beginning of the wrestler's therapies, to build a possible docu-series to be broadcast on the WWE Network, to hype fans of the WWE Universe about his return, now scheduled for the next year.

Speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the company has filmed the entire operation. He also speculated that they might want to use it before he returns to action. “I don’t know that they’ll [WWE] talk about him for nine months, you know, every week on television or anything.

They could do it now. It’s interesting that they did not do a video feature on the surgery because they filmed the whole surgery. I guess maybe they’ll save that for months down the line."

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