Smackdown: Drew McIntyre showed his cunning

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Smackdown: Drew McIntyre showed his cunning

Happy Corbin is still in the ring and takes the microphone, approaching the comment table. The ex-Baron turns to Pat McAfee saying that they have known each other for years and he has always criticized him, but he has been through difficult times and does not deserve all this hatred.

Corbin threatens the commentator by saying that if he continues like this, he will drag him into the ring. McAfee does not have it repeated twice, he takes the microphone in turn and encourages the audience to start the choruses and laughter against poor Corbin, who leaves disconsolate.

Backstage Natalya, interviewed by Megan Morant, says her Sharpshooter is the most dangerous move in WWE history and the fact that Ronda Rousey is still at home licking her wounds proves it. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus joined Adam Pearce in the ring for a short segment.

Pearce reminded the two powerhouses that they both lost their Money in the Bank qualifying matches.

Drew McIntyre is smart

The segment could have been much shorter but it did what was required. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were great additions from SmackDown to the match and will likely add the firepower needed to make the contest entertaining.

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Ricochet could soon be added to ensure that the match is loaded with some serious talent. At Money In The Bank, she will earn Ronda's respect and she will be the first to make her surrender. I hope so much, but I seriously have many doubts, my dear Nattie.

- The New Day vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky. In the finale, Shanky is dominating the match and knocks out Kofi, but Xavier Woods starts playing and the Indian starts with his ballet. Kingston is still KO'd anyway, so what's wrong with that? According to Mahal, a lot.

Jinder takes the gear and scolds the tag team partner, then turns .... TROUBLE IN PARADISE! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Mahal's fool, while Shanky starts dancing again, despite the defeat. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus were next in the ring on SmackDown, and Adam Pierce reminded them that they both lost their Money in the Bank qualifying matches.

The Irishman pointed out that he successfully cashed in his briefcase in the past while Drew was cashed in on. Rodriguez got some big strikes early on and took Shayna into the corner before getting a near fall. Shayna went after Rodriguez's legs in the corner before Raquel came back with some counters and a botched knee strike for a near fall.