Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez scored a convincing win

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Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez scored a convincing win

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus join Adam Pearce in the ring! The WWE Officer recalls that they both failed to qualify in the Money In The Bank match, but Drew promises that he will smash someone's backside if he isn't put in the match for the briefcase.

No Drew, that's not how it works. Sheamus recalls using MITB years ago to become champion, while McIntyre just fell victim to the briefcase. Pearce replies that he and the other officials have reviewed the match and made a decision: SHEAMUS IS QUALIFIED FOR THE MITB MATCH!

Shayna Baszler and Raquel Rodriguez squared off in a Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match qualifier this week. Lacey Evans watched the match from the commentary position.

Raquel Rodriguez hit some big strikes

Baszler applied a submission maneuver but Raquel Rodriguez powered out and hit the Texana Bomb for the win.

The match was decent and it was good to see Rodriguez pick up the win. It looks like she will soon become the next big star in the women’s roster. Sheamus laughs, but McIntyre attacks him immediately, sending him out of the ring.

To avoid further problems, Pearce stops the Scotsman and says that he was not finished: EVEN MCINTYRE WILL BE IN THE MATCH! Even Drew himself seems to be stunned by the senseless decision, but he is happy and proves it by trimming a Claymore on the nose of his former Irish friend.

- Backstage Sami Zayn approaches Roman Reigns' door but is obviously afraid to knock. Kayla Braxton joins him to ask if he has talked to anyone from the Bloodline after the defeat last week and Zayn says no, but that's okay, then claims he needs to go to the bathroom and walks away.

Ripley and Gonzalez started brawling right from the beginning. Gonzalez hit an impressive version of the three amigos but replaced vertical suplexes with fallaway slams. Ripley fought back by belting Raquel with a kendo stick.

Post this, Rhea tried to fly off the steps to take down Gonzalez but got a chair flung into her face. During the commercial break, Ripley delivered a DDT to Gonzalez atop the steel steps. Gonzalez returned the favour by whacking Ripley in the face with the steps.

Both women brawled backstage which is quite a dangerous environment for two women who want to beat the hell out of each other. Ripley even drove Raquel through a glass door, but even that did not keep Gonzalez down.