Smackdown: Riddle isn't ready yet

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Smackdown: Riddle isn't ready yet

Money In The Bank Qualifying match: Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Baszler. A little slow ending, with Shayna trying the Kirifuda Clutch completely at random, but Rodriguez avoids putting her rival on the corner and ... ONE-HANDED POWERBOMB!

.. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Raquel is the second qualifier for the blue roster, along with Lacey Evans, who watched the whole match from the commentary table. - Max Dupri is announced in the ring, but the leader of Maximum Male Models is in Adam Pearce's office complaining about the lights and entrance setting.

We won't see his customers until Pearce and WWE do better. - Backstage Gunther and Ludvig Kaiser are at Kayla Braxton's microphone! Speaking is obviously the former Marcel Barthel, who says that that title was awarded for the first time in South America to a French-Canadian, lately, it has been muddied by Ricochet, but no American will have that title anymore.

Gunther, as awake as Internet Explorer, is only now claiming to be the new champion. Eh, but is he going? The match had a good start as Riddle attacked Reigns in the corner before the champion swatted him away. The challenger kept at it and bombarded Reigns with good moves.

Riddle has failed

He hit Riddle with a few of his signature moves and pushed him on the back foot. The Original Bro hit a few suplexes and a knee strike followed by a Floating Bro for a near fall. - MAIN EVENT WWE UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Roman Reigns vs Riddle.

Excellent performance of the Bro, which even resists a Superman Punch. In the finale ... UUUAAA! Reigns goes for Spear, but ... RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! .. 1 ... 2 ... NO! For very little. Riddle fails a second RKO, but the offensive continues.

He jumps on the third rope and ... SUDDEN SPEAR OF REIGNS! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! I didn't believe it for a second, but Riddle really did everything and now he can never ask for a title shot against the Tribal Chief again. After the match the Bloodline celebrates in the ring and Roman says he promised to destroy everything and then walk away and that's exactly what he always did, then he orders the audience ...

ACKNOWLEDGE ME! When everything seems to be over, a familiar theme starts. THE BEAST IS BACK! BROCK LESNAR OPENS ON THE INTERNSHIP! Lesnar steps into the ring and offers a handshake to the Chieftain, who strangely accepts, but ...

F5! F5! It was obvious. The Beast also gets rid of the Usos, knocking both out with his finisher. With the satisfied look of the returning Lesnar in the ring, this episode of the blue show ends.