Batista on the WWE experience: It was just a very toxic atmosphere

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Batista on the WWE experience: It was just a very toxic atmosphere

Batista spoke about the time spent in the WWE and the atmosphere that prevailed. His experiences were not positive. “I couldn’t get comfortable, people didn’t like me, I was doing something wrong, the company wasn’t going to do anything with me, they didn’t know what to do with me, they didn’t know where I fit in,” Batista said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

He added, “It was just a very toxic atmosphere. Wrestling is very competitive. It’s very cutthroat. You’re put in a position where you have to posture up all the time, and it’s exhausting. It’s just exhausting”.

Batista is also a great lover of acting and finds himself in that business. “I didn’t want to be the guy coming from wrestling, taking these easy action roles and just kind of pumping up and putting baby oil on my arms,” he said, adding, “I really fell in love with acting”.

Batista: Acting and heel

This great wrestler wants to be a person fans will remember for many things. “I’m not trying to separate myself from professional wrestling because I’m embarrassed or anything like that,” he said.

“It’s just, I needed to make a name for myself and start all over and kind of just get people to see me in a different light. Because if people always see me as a pro wrestler turned actor, then they’re going to put me in a box for roles”.

Playing a heel can sometimes be tiring and many don’t want to be that, but wrestling is a business and sometimes you have to adjust. Batista is one of those to whom that role suited “I found out in wrestling that I like being the bad guy,” he said.

“And I don’t know why this happens, but there’s something about me that people like as a bad guy”.