Vince McMahon was smiling backstage

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Vince McMahon was smiling backstage

In the latest installment of the blue show, Vince McMahon appeared in the ring, with fans believing the Chairman was talking about what happened with his extra-marital scandal that has surfaced in recent days. Immediately after the usual WWE opening theme for each of his weekly shows, Vince McMahon's entrance music resonated in the arena where Friday Night Smackdown was aired.

Once he won the ring, the WWE patron took the microphone to focus on the words of the WWE intro: "Then, Now, Forever and Together" Right on the last word, Together, Vince paused more than the others, emphasizing well the word.

Immediately afterwards Vince welcomed Smackdown to fans of the company and finally threw the microphone away, walking out of the ring. With a handful of words and with a simple "welcome", Vince has thus opened the episode of the blue show, without mentioning in the least what happened and above all without even mentioning the fact that he is absent from his role as the CEO, leaving room for his daughter Stephanie, with fans who were quite baffled by this intervention, which was practically done only to make it clear that Vince is there and remains steadfast in his place.

Backstage news on Vince McMahon

Apparently, more information also emerges on the mood that the Chairman had at the time. Vince McMahon was seen smiling all the while he was present backstage of the episode, by anyone he met.

Ringside News revealed this news that although seems like an oddity is, however, a shrewd and crafty move given the recent incidents involving McMahon. In the last few hours, in fact, the journalists of the well-known overseas site have confirmed that "Vince wanted to be sure that anyone in the backstage of Smackdown saw him smile.

If the people around him hadn't known what was happening or the context, they surely would have thought that Vince had won the lottery, he was smiling at everyone." Many other insiders who then spoke to Ringside, revealed that the day was the least stressful day ever backstage because Vince did not create friction or scold anyone, and it was obviously not a coincidence.

Also, neither Bruce Prichard nor John Laurinaitis took part in the tapings, with the top management being therefore very small.