Big Cass comments on his WWE release

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Big Cass comments on his WWE release

Big Cass was fired by the WWE last June for unknown reasons. The former WWE superstar spoke about this topic immediately after an indie event. He is now known as the Big C. “I have a lot to talk about. I have a lot to get off my chest.

Everybody in the world wants to know what happened. Why was he released from where he was before? And it seems like everybody out there has the answers. "I read the internet, I read the dirt sheets, and I know there’s people on their computers (mimics typing), there’s people on their phones.

And they are all typing up, speculating what they think really happened. And there’s a ton of stories out there, and I’ll tell you this, I’ve read them all." Cass also added: "Some of them are true, and I’m man enough to admit right here, right now that some of them are true.

But most of them are false. That day, there were only three people in that room. There are only three people in the world, who know what happened, and what was talked about that day. And I can guarantee you that the other two will not tell you what actually happened."